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Take to the Outdoors! Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens


By Craig Wilson Reported on August 3, 2013

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The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is well-known amongst locals, expatriates and tourist's alike, has been around for 12 years and is a popular dining venue for brunch, lunch and dinner. It has a special relationship with the Singapore Botanic Gardens as it was designed solely for the Ginger Garden. Almost 12 years ago the idea of the Ginger Garden was conceptualized and was brought into fruition by the by the Halia (meaning 'Ginger') Restaurant.

 Halia (meaning 'Ginger') Restaurant

Opened in 2011 the beautiful unique ambience of the Halia Restaurant entwine with its deep respect for the Garden. Working together with the National Parks Board the construction was ensured to be unobtrusive and completed the Gardens settings with natural materials used for furniture and fixings. After numerous facelifts over the years the restaurant still maintains itself as part of the Ginger Garden and Singapore Botanic Gardens and doesn't distract the visitor from their main intention which is to visit the Gardens.

The Halia ('Ginger') is the main key point of the restaurant with the occasionally engaged artist Mr. Ong Kim Seng (on a project basis) plus the Food and Drink concepts celebrating the Ginger Garden and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens is the perfect place for dates, being with friends, corporate business lunches and entertaining visiting guests. It also provides a perfect place to bring families (especially at weekend brunch) complete with a kid's menu with colour pencils and drawing paper to keep them happy and content. The afternoon tea is great for a mid-afternoon light bite.

Weekend Tea Set

Hot Halia Infusion

The Villa Halia (opposite the Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens) is perfect for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. The Halia Express Kiosk is available for both tourists and park visitors to grab a prompt refreshment or a quick bite to eat.

The Halia will also be introducing 'Halia Botanica' for purchasing gifts and bits and pieces for home consumption such as the signature Halia infusion, chilli crab sauce, freshly baked breads, ginger jam and sweets like the Ginger Flower macaroon.

The biggest unique selling point of the Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens has to be its location. Surrounded by lush greenery the restaurant is one of kind located in such close proximity to nature. The restaurant's menu also sets it apart from others. This being its use of its source of ginger from the Ginger Garden but also from the Ginger family such as cardamom, torch ginger and banana for its dishes. Also the restaurant is renowned for its European cuisines with an Asian touch with loyal customers coming for their signature dishes such as the Chilli Crab Spaghettini and using local ingredients as well as sourced global ingredients. Chef Peter Rollinson's creations are evidently reflected in the menu with other favourites such as the Jurong Frog Leg Porridge and Ginger Garden which showcase his examples.

Chef Peter Rollinson

Opening its first out of Singapore location in Hanoi, Vietnam by the largest lake in the city 'Westlake' and another iconic location at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, Halia is on the look out for idealistic locations which have local historic and cultural significance.

The next concept for an ideal location is to boast the heritage of the Halia brand, something that local Singaporeans will be proud to call their own and then with the natural progression where visitors will be interested to visit them.

Halia intends to keep up with the ever changing tastes in Asia and its latest initiative was the concept 'Project Food Prints' which promotes transparency'farm to fork'  It's their initiative to grow whilst still staying in touch with the environment of suppliers and to keep customers informed and buying from local farmers to support them and innovating key signature dishes.

More than 12yrs ago they were waiting for the opportunity for a key place for diners and a special place for weddings and were glad of the opportunity from the National Parks Board the location at Singapore Botanic Gardens. They enjoy the more modern, chic and urban location when approached by the Raffles Hotel sharing the iconic local brand.

Halia is especially busy during weekday brunches, weekend/public holiday brunches and afternoon tea and also during the festive seasons for the Christmas Sparking Brunch Buffet and New Year's and Valentine's Day. Also at the Singapore Botanic Gardens outlet is the "Project Food Prints' showing specialized menus, 'live' demonstrations and presentations.

There is live Organ Jazz every Saturday at the Halia Bar at Raffles Hotel performed by Jeremy Monteiro and every second and last Sunday of the month at Halia at Singapore Botanic Gardens there is Alemay Fernandez and friends playing, making these popular spots for jazz lovers.

1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden Singapore Botanic Gardens Singapore 259569
Tel.: +65 8444 1148

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