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By Craig Wilson Reported on July 5, 2013

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I head about this place through the WWOOF Worldwide Organisation of Organic Farming and WWOOF independents and found that they were the only farm in Singapore that asked for volunteers internationally to help with their farm. They have since stopped asking for volunteers due to their need for skilled labour. They are though one of the last remaining producing farms in the country and are hidden in the largely untouched North-East region.

Owners of Green Circle Eco Farm

I was recently invited to a Young Persons event and tour of the activities of the farm on the 22nd June 2013 but due to the recent haze during that long weekend from forest fires and slash and burn in Indonesia which caused so much upset in Singapore and then across Malaysia the event was cancelled. I was asked though to say that you if your voice needs to be heard with regard to these activities in Indonesia you should contact Evelyn who is demonstrating a petition which shows how organic farming of palm oil plantations can be a viable option.

The petition is really important and could use our help. Click here to find out more and sign: 
The Green Circle Eco Farm has an organic online shop selling fruits, vegetables, herbs and other products across the nation. You should visit the website to see just how wide their selection can be. They target more for local and domestic consumption and provide delivery services enroute (to save on carbon footprints) on Wednesdays to the East, Thursdays to Central Singapore and Fridays to the West.

Front of Green Circle Eco Farm


They do not believe in large scale farming and are limited to an area of 20,000 square metres and still keep 20% untouched for wild animals to find refuge such as wild pigs, civet cats, squirrels, bees and birds. Their main time is spent on farming chores and educational tours for pre-school and for all ages in which the latter is to spread awareness of their farm and their activities.

School Tour

They are currently developing the farm from leased land from the government which expires in six and half years and they hope to continue with this lease. They started the farm thirteen and half years ago and feel inseparable from the life of living among nature which they believe every single human being should feel a part of and be close to nature. They believe that nature is part of us and if we destroy nature we also destroy ourselves eventually.

It's nice to know that within a big business city such as Singapore there are communities that still want to live among nature and try to sustain their living from their faming chores and skills in agriculture to provide for the local and domestic need of organic produce. They seem very keen to keep this tradition alive and I think this is a breath of fresh air in such a changing Asian Business climate.

41 Neo Tiew Road Singapore 719028
Tel.: +65 6861 9286

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