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405 Beers on Wall. BeerFest Asia 2013

By Craig Wilson Reported on June 16, 2013

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Smaller than anticipated and located by the Singapore Flyer and the Formula 1 (F1) pit in Marine Parade I was invited to be part of the press on the first day of the event. I arrived early so there were no problems receiving the press pass but queues quickly built up so I moved inside to start investigating the site. I was told there were over 405 beers on offer and the new theme for the festival was the Whiskey and Wine lounge. One side of the site was specifically for all the specialties beers and traders new to Singapore and ones that were already established and the other main tent was specifically for the main beers and representation.

BeerFest Asia 2013

On site there was also Shiraz Kebab outlet which you will find located along Orchard Road which has obviously become popular enough to serve the BeerFest Asia 2013 and sports tent supplied with table football tables and of course the Whiskey and Wine lounge as previously mentioned.

My interest was in the specialties beers tent where traders were busy and eager to represent there leading beers and also the many ciders which seemed popular at this event. Around the place were scattered with many promotional ladies dressed to kill and eager to bring you to their tables to sample their products.

Busy Servers

 promotional ladies

I was also intrigued to find that there was also a Ukrainian beer promotion at the entrance to this tent where they had refreshing shandys which was nice as it was pretty hot inside. I also learnt that Australian Cider was very popular where the one of the producers from Melbourne had started his production and brewery from scratch with few assets and produced a very refreshing drink from freshly pressed apples.

Japanese and UK/Japanese relationships seemed also evident with quite a wide selection on offer. During this event the official sponsors were announced and awards were handed out at the end of the 2hr press and media period. Tables and benches were scattered outside looking over the gardens of the Marine Bay Sands Hotel with an intermittent breeze to cool people down in the strong sun.

 Tables and benches were scattered outside.

I would recommend for next years event to take it slowly as there's many beverages to try and sample and to also make sure you supply yourself with plenty of water as you would tend to dehydrate pretty quick. I did investigate the Whiskey and Wine lounge which seemed pretty posh and a whole different ball game then the beer tents. I wasn't able to witness the live entertainment and comedy action but they seemed well prepared for a more than enjoyable evening and long weekend.

You would be advised to go to either Promenade or Esplanade MRT and then walk to the Singapore Flyer from there. You could even stop for a bite to eat under the big rotating wheel in the hawker centre or refresh your appetite and quench your thirst at the nearby Subway which would probably save you a few pennies!

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