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[Restaurant Review] Plaza Brasserie


By Joyce Tan Reported on May 30, 2013

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An elegant dining space and setting for a buffet-style restaurant, Plaza Brasserie pleases with its smorgasbord of local and international cuisine to suit every stomach. Like a well-oiled machinery, the restaurant dishes out food by the minute. If you're craving laksa, dim sum, sashimi, and more, Plaza Brasserie is the place to be. 

Coffee Cake Crab
There is no mistaking the restaurant's specialty dish; the soft shell crab's crispy exterior and soft interior makes it a chewy and yummy dish to have. Every day, more than a hundred crabs are deep fried to perfection in the restaurant's open plan kitchen. Relish the sinful flavors of the deep sea with every bite. Another highlight is the curry laksa. Spicy yet flavorful, the curry laksa evokes a heady coconut fragrance that whets appetites. Other must-tries include the freshly cut salmon sashimi, California hand rolls, and braised sea cucumber. Guests are more than welcome to try whatever pleases their senses. The restaurant is not lacking in sweets and desserts, treat yourself to a variety of lip-smacking cakes, patisseries, and scones. 

Occasionally, the restaurant serves seasonal delicacies like crabs, lobsters, and oysters. Whatever you've come for at Plaza Brasserie, you're sure to return for more!   

■Plaza Brasserie 
7500A Beach Road, Park Royal on Beach Road Singapore 199591

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