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Black Ball Desserts


By Joyce Tan Reported on May 28, 2013

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For top-notch Taiwanese desserts, one is hard-pressed to find a better place than Black Ball Desserts. 

Black Ball Desserts from Taiwan.
Singapore has no lack of dessert stalls, but if one is feeling roughed up by the weather or in the mood for refreshing sweets, Black Ball desserts is perfect. The black-and-white establishment with a small seating area lets guests seek refuge from the sweltering tropical heat and enjoy a cool, sweet taste of Taiwan. 

The menu caters to people from all walks of lives, from sweet Taiwanese milk tea and grass jelly drinks to refreshing winter melon drinks like the quintessential winter melon tea. Here, guests are offered a variety of desserts made from simple ingredients which pack a punch of complex flavors, including the honey yam crushed ice with milk and 'jiu fen' (nine portions) taro ball - these are sweets that taste somewhat similar to local desserts sold in coffee shops! Not forgetting the desserts stall's all-time favorite 'Black Ball signature' series, which is of a hearty mix of all-time favorite ingredients: red bean, sweet potato balls, yam cubes, and grass jelly dipped in creamer. Flavorful and chewy, the signature series makes for an ideal dessert to have. 

Since its opening early this year, Black Ball desserts has been a big hit among young Singaporeans and its best-selling drinks and desserts are the iced milk tea with grass jelly and Black Ball signature series. To ensure consistency with all its Taiwan outlets, Black Ball desserts imports all of its ingredients from Taiwan. Whatever you've come for at this quintessentially Taiwanese desserts stall, you're bound to love. 

■Black Ball Desserts 
201 Victoria Street, #01-14, Bugis +
I12 Katong, #02-27, East Coast Road
Blk 204, #01-393, Bedok North Street 1 

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