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Take Away Style. A New Fashion?


By Craig Wilson Reported on May 10, 2013

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Well you might wonder where all the locals go for a quick bite to eat at lunch time or during the day? As the work schedule becomes more hectic with Singaporeans in their everyday lifestyle and their busy schedules many of them are going for something quick and simple to take to their offices or home as it's a quick solution to not having to do the whole sitting and dining or to cook at home when all they want to do is work or rest.

Fresh-Fast-Delicious Sushi on the Go
1 Raffles Link, #B1-23 Citylink Mall
Tel.: +65 6238 9811 (orders one day in advance!)

Many have taken to the local MRT stations and adjacent Shopping Malls for a quick solution. You will find now in Singapore many 'quick-buy' establishments which are all catering for the hungry market.

Here at Woodlands MRT/Causeway Point Shopping Mall there is always a busy crowd with a large traffic coming from the MRT/Bus Interchange/Shopping Mall with a very diverse crowd. I noticed that many people just want something quick to eat before going about their normal duties and essential shopping or commuting.

Here at Sushi Express Singapore or Sushi Take-Out there is a mad frenzy of busy shoppers/commuters looking for something delicious to satisfy their cravings. Who could blame them when purchases can be S$0.50 a piece (limited to 20 pieces per customer) or with set boxes from S$3.00 and up. They have a special purchasing process which means the more you buy the more soya sauce and wasabi you get for your meal. Salmon Yusheng seems very popular but not so much the Red Octopus (as one person commented 'it lacks taste' but said the 'Tamago was OK'). They have a motto of 'spread the love and see you there!!' and another 'great for work or school'.

Sushi Express Pick & Choose

They serve from 11am to 10pm at night everyday of the week and busy throughout the day. In the morning they are busy preparing and getting ready for the lunchtime traffic. In fact too busy to add anything further when I asked questions which probably means that they are doing quite well at the moment with their novel take-out or take away style.

They seem to have some promotions and one was just recently in April 2013 and souvenirs/toys/special items and even calendars at the start of the year!

This is not to say that this is the only place. Many people go into the shopping mall eateries for a quick take away or even to the local 7 eleven grocers for instant noodle soups or some freshly made sandwiches (for neighbouring business areas) or curry puffs (usually locals selling and standing outside MRT stations).

It seems whatever is quick and convenient for the busy Singapore commuters. Perhaps they would rather save their well earned cash on something more important for their families? It seems the general consensus.

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