By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on April 12, 2013

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TORIDOLL operating over 600 outlets of Udon "Marugame Seimen", has started the donuts chain, "GEORGE'S DONUTS" in the United States as their new business. TORIDOLL established 100% subsidiary company, GEORGE'S DONUTS CORPORATION in the US $ 125 million in capital in Hawaii.  GEORGE'S DONUTS will introduce a new type of cooking  entertainment with hand-made and freshness that they have developed in the "Marugame Seimen" brand. Both of Udon and Donuts are made of the same ingredients, flour. "Marugame Seimen" shows customers to make Udon of flour by machine at each outlets. I guess they imagine the same thing as of Udon. After expansion of the number of outlets in Hawaii GEORGE'S DONUTS will land in the United States mainland , and then connect to the global expansion. They do not intend to expand in Japan。

"Marugame Seimen" shows customers to make Udon of  flour by machine.

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