By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on March 19, 2013

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My friend, Mr. Koji Shiraishi of DOUTOR Coffee mentioned in his Facebook on March 10.

"Nobody is waiting for you. We're not hungry. The words that was said by an investor in Jakarta. I say yes surely. Now exceeding the dimensions of risk and return, we need to think seriously what we can do for this country and why we do business in this country."

Overseas countries do not want Japanese contents. Rather than with the idea of ​​returning to Japan to make money, we should contribute the business to the country. I made ​​me realize that if we do not continue to have this perspective, international business does not succeed. Even though Japanese Ramen is popular to enter overseas markets, we should consider how the Ramen can contribute to the country. Why were McDonald's and Starbucks supported by the world ?

Keep looking for what we can contribute to the country by taking in close communication with the people. So the language should be very important. It's necessary for us to brush up our English.

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