By Shinpei Sakai Reported on March 13, 2013

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On March 12 Hanjoten Eno Michi held the 8th S1 Server Grand Prix, the contest to choose No.1 server in Japan. The S1 select the best server who is thought that I want to meet him/her again by customers. 10 finalists were selected among 1000 appliers nationwide by the first examination, the second examination and the district contests over one year. On March 12 the 10 finalists challenged the Regulation Screening to react to the sudden request of simulated customers, the Performance Screening to show the stories of their hospitality experiences and the Speech Screening to announce their policies of service. The award of No.1 server went to Ms. Shinobu Kotani working at UCC Cafe Mercard Kyoto branch. Mr. Anthony Won, ceo of creativeateries in Singapore is invited the contest as their special guest.

Ms. Shinobu Kotani working at UCC Cafe Mercard Kyoto branch is selected as No.1 server.

10 finalists nationwide.

Mr.Anthony Won, ceo of creativeateries and Ms. Shinobu Kotani, No.1 server.

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