By Sonoko Takahashi Reported on March 7, 2013

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To celebrate its 20th anniversary Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum have researched on Ramen restaurants in the world since 3 years ago. "Local Ramen Restaurants" mean to incorporates local culture, food, climate without any outlet in Japan. Such restaurants will come to the museum on April 24. There are more than 1000 Ramen restaurants in the world except Japan and the number has increased especially in Europe and Asia.

Ramen started about 30 years ago. "SAPPORO" in NY opened in 1975, "HIGUMA" in Paris opened 1984 are established by local Japanese to meet the needs of Japanese expatriates.They have no outlet in Japan. It is said that the first Ramen restaurants in Japan did overseas expansion is "8 Ban Ramen" which entered Thailand in 1992. Afterwards Japanese famous Ramen chains have went abroad since mid-2000 and then the attention of Ramen has increased gradually. 

The main background is considered in the Soup. The flovoring of soup is called "DASHI" whichi is also called "UMAMI" attracting French and Italian chefs. Ramen is just the treasure of DASHI. Ramen has a big potential to exceed SUSHI.

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