By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on February 21, 2013

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"HELLO SHIBUYA TOKYO WITH SINGAPORE" is carried out as a project to expand "Cool Japan" by PARCO supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. SLD operating "Kawara Cafe" at Cuppage Terrace, opens a cafe booth. The project is a test marketing to promote SHIBUYA culture & fashion. It supports Japanese fashion business to enter ASEAN market. The project is held at Plaza Singapura during February 22 to March 10. On the concept of "WA", Japanese tradition SLD sells "Kawara Scones" and "Kawara Tea" made of 100% Japanese tea leaves. Taking this opportunity, the company is expected to turn to Asia, to enhance the delivery of culture, fashion.


Kawara Scone S$4.50 each. 4 tastes;Sakura & Cranberry, Green Tea& Azuki, Brown Sugar &Walnuts, Bamboo Chacoal & Sesami and BOO CHARCOAL& SESAME )

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