By Anonymous male aged 30s Reported on February 8, 2013

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There is a signboard of "100 kinds, 100 minutes, 1000 yen". This outlet is an Izakaya that you can drink all the liquor within 100 minutes by 1000 yen. When I opened the door, there was lined with 1.8L big bottles of Shochu, Sake and Umeshu in front of me. The server said that although the signboard showed 100 kinds, to be precise, there were more than 120 kinds. Indeed, it was an adult drink bar that had been longing. First of all, I tried draft beer to pick up a jug. It was chilled in a refrigerator. I was very impressed by the concern. As for Imo-Shocu, prestigious brands like Kuro-Kurishima, Satsuma-Hozan and Unkai-Satsuma-Kohi were lined up. And a variety of Kokuto-Shochu, Awamori were all-you-can-drink. Depending on how to drink, it prepared not only glasses but also pottery cups. The pour is just like your own. Glass is also changed many times. With three drinks, you can pay for it. Dishes are also abundant like fresh fish and regular menus. Its signatures are Teppanyaki. Steak and Okonomiyaki are cooked on the large metallic plate. USHIKAI is exactly the "Senbero" izakaya, where to drink affordably within 1000 yen.

Signboard of USHIKAI.


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