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Hospitality in your own words.


By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on February 14, 2013

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The annual hospitality contest, "S1 Server Grand Prix" has been organized since.2006 by NPO Hanjyoten Eno Michi in Japan. As the eve of the contest, "S1 Exhibition" was held in Tokyo on February 7. Three past champions, Ms. Naoko Otani won in 2010, Mr. Michikazu Hiramoto won in 2011, Mr. Koichi Fukami won in 2012 showed their exemplary hospitality performance. Incidentally Mr.Fukami run Izakaya "Enmaru" in ION shopping mall in Singapore. On the stage they resolved difficult problems caused by simulated customers from point to point in improvisation.

Performance by Mr. Koichi Fukami

As they meet the challenges of simulated customers on a case-by-case basis in the natural way, laughter has occurred many times in the venue. Viewers working as the same servers were constantly taking notes. Without being compliant to customers, they won the hearts of customers to lead in the direction of themselves. It looked like to dominate customers.

In the group discussion of the company managements who make their staffs to entry "S1 Server Grand Prix" annually, It was raised in a story that they take staffs to agricultural farms and fisheries. Back to outlets and tell customers experience there, their recommendations are willing to be ordered.  And they have never felt deflation, Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, Styles group in Sendai and Mr.Hiroshi Ikeda Friend Shokai in Hiroshima said.

With reflection they sometime did not explain how kitchen staffs were cooking painstakingly to their customers even though they are managements. It is important that not only the story of producers but also the outlet commitment should be clearly conveyed to customers. 

Ms. Kazumi Kondo, Eight in Kanagawa said that the luxury outlets sales were growing by focusing on hospitality.  Mr. Tadayoshi Sekiguchi, Dynac in Tokyo held a inner hospitality contest "D1 Grand Prix" and gained a good result. In the period of deflation, the importance of regular customers, instead of new ones seems to gain more and more attention. As an aside, a good economy in Singapore is on getting customers even at low level of hospitality. The same was Japan's bubble era.

Deflation proceeds, because people have a feeling that the cuisine is like coming out easily like vending machines. It is obvious that price should down, if cuisine was made in factory. I think that the current McDonald's outlets look like vending machines. So, It shows a bad performance even if they lower the price much. People think they can down the prices more.

Hospitality is very important in deflation. However the problem is the quality. It is a mistake if you think the quality of hospitality rise by speaking words that came up in the manual. Customers see through so that they become severe. By struggling to see with your own eyes the production site, the time and effort in the kitchen, persuasive words are born to you. You serve your customers with your words.

Even though you speak violent words, you can appeal to customers if your words are come from your mind. Do not think so? I think that Mac in the morning must be fun if you are welcomed with some chat by the staff there.

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