By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on February 5, 2013

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Sublime Co. Ltd is lead by Mr.Masamaru Hanamitsu aged 32 years old. On February 1, he acquired Hapyaku Yacho Co.,Ltd. which operates 70 outlets of Izakaya in Tokyo. Sublime has become to operate 214 outlets with the annual sales of over 12 billion yen in total. Mr.Hanamitsu started his F&B carrier as a manager of Izakaya "Doma Doma". On November  2005 he opened a stall serving Okinawan food and drink. On next June Sublime was established. In 2011 at his 30, he reached 100 outlets after purchasing 50 outlets of ice cream shop chain. This time he acquired a signature Izakaya company. The owner of Hapyaku Yacho was the father of Izakaya who established Izakaya chain "Tsubohachi" consisting of 400 outlets in 1980s.  Mr.Ishii appointed Mr.Hanamitsu as his successor to sell his Hapyaku Yacho to Sublime. His passion for business is so greedy that he will never be satisfied with 100 billion yen sales. 

Mr.Masamaru Hanamitsu, CEO of Sublime Co.,Ltd.

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