By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on January 25

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Japan Croquette Association is a general incorporated association formed by Croquette Lovers. Croquette is a folksy food. Mashed boiled potatoes with some minced beef are molded to ova shape, put a coat of flour, eggs, bread crumbs and fried in lard or cooking oil. In order to improve the positioning of croquette at tables. the concept is the happy revolution to make people smile by croquette. From now on, various information of croquette will be released by website and Facebook. Such events as to exchange information among "Croquettenist" proclaiming Croquette Lovers and such to encourage croquette industry will be held. "Karaage", fried chiken, had become popular by the same strategy as to form a general incorporated association. Croquette is following Karaage.

Croquette loved by all the Japanese.

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