By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on January 16

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DOUTOR・NICHIRES Holdings Co.,Ltd.announced consolidated financial results for 9 months of March to November 2012. Sales 81.594 billion yen, an increase of 0.2%. Operating income 5.568 billion yen, an increase of 1.4%. Popularity of souffle pancakes and hand drip coffee has been promoting the chaining of "Hoshino Coffee". It is the young business category starting in April 2011, expanded to 40 outlets due to a change in business conditions for about a year and a half. Overseas new openings are 2 outlets of "Yomenya Goemon", first one of "Doutor Coffee Shop" and first one of "Hoshino Coffee".in Singapore. In addition,  "Yomenya Goemon" was opened the first one in Seoul, Korea and one franchise in the Philippines. DOUTOR・NICHIRES operates 17 outlets in Singapore, 4 in China, 2 in Taiwan, 1 in South Korea, 1 in the Philippines and so 25 in total overseas.

"Hoshino Coffee", popular souffle pancakes and hand drip coffee.

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