By Junnosuke Nagahama Reported on December 28

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FOODRINK opened an office in Singapore, but also it was a year that Japanese F&B companies went overseas in earnest. Japanese cuisine boom has occurred overseas and tailwind is blowing definitely. Because the residents of many countries want to eat authentic Japanese cuisine. It is not a superficial imitation. A particularly promising area is Ramen. This year, Ramen "Santouka" has opened two outlets in Taiwan, one in Toronto, Canada and one in Jakarta, Indonesia. In "Santoka", overseas sales have already exceeded that of Japan. With respect to Singapore, some people think that Ramen has already gone into the fierce competition. However, even in an Islamic states in Indonesia and Malaysia do not eat pig, they eat a pretty good price of pork bone Ramen. There is a restaurant chain of "Pepper Lunch"  that peaked out in Japan but expanded by more than 30 outlets in Singapore and so close number of outlets in Indonesia as well, even if "Pepper Lunch" is not pure Japanese. There is also the case of "Osaka Osho" of Eat & Company.which became popular in Hong Kong as Chinese Japanese style. Some companies decided to open outlets abroad for the first time this year. In Singapore "Tsukada Nojo"of AP Company and in Los Angeles "IZAKAYA YUJI" of Diamond Dining Co.,Ltd. The trend has been prominent. From the fact that the Japanese market has been shrinking in the aging population, this trend will continue to accelerate in the future.

Ramen "Santouka"

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