By Junnosuke Nagahama Reported on December 27

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SANKO MARKETING FOODS CO.,LTD which has produced booming restaurant concept, private room Izakaya " Touhou Kenbunroku", Tofu cuisine "Tsuki No Shizuku" and low priced with flat rate Izakaya "Kin No Kura Jr.", attracts big attention of its 4th. "Tokyo Chikara Meshi", grilled beef bowl restaurant has more than 100 outlets in a year and a half away from the opening of the first outlet in June last year. Since momentum is accelerating, it may extend up to about 500 outlets in three years. SANKO is a company which changes the flagship brands dramatically with the times. However, since it throw a strike in the middle that fit the era too always, those brands may be tired if the times change. Slump of "Kin No Kura Jr.", I suspect it is because the customers were not satisfied with just low price. Young people are away from alcohol and so "Tokyo Chikara Meshi" discard alcohol. The beef bowl business is said to be full in the market. Though SANKO  has opened a crack by the proposed "grilled beef bowl" that is different from the traditional beef bowl. In a sense, the price of around 300 yen a bowl can be seen as the price collapse of Yakiniku. Mr. Minoru Hirabayashi, the president is 63 years old born in 1949. Senior management can make bold and innovative decision without having to worry about the surroundings.It is common with Mr. Takashi Sakamoto, president of "Ore No Italian" and "Ore No French".

"Tokyo Chikara Meshi", grilled beef bowl restaurant

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