By Junnosuke Nagahama Reported on December 26

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In 2012 salaries were continued to fall because of the deflation, the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake are still left, and consumers are becoming more conservative, This year does not change much in the F&B market in Japan.

No.1 "Ore No French", "Ore No Italian" are blockbusters.

I will say the year of deflation in 2012. In the inauguration of the second Cabinet Minister Shinzo Abe to come up with measures to end deflation. There are too much products because of too many outlets. I could not stop the loop which s lowered more salary, and deflation.

However, precisely because this era of deflation, innovative business model is coming up. Value Create led by Mr.Takashi Sakamoto, has operated "Ore No Italian(My Italian)" since last November. They hire first class chefs trained at first class restaurants and serve haute cuisine with only 3000 yen per customer. First outlet of 570 Shimbashi sells 10 million yen per month.

Rossini of Beef Fillet and Foie gras. One of the signature menus

It expand the same way as Italian and opened the first French outlet in Ginza "Ore No French(My French)" last May. This also became a big hit. It provide 3 thousand yen per customer and can not be provided at such lower prices point, At fine restaurants the price should be over 10 thousand yen per customer. So, even though customers have to stand eating and drinking. its profits attract overwhelming force. Menus with less than 45% of the cost rate against the pricing are basically nothing because satisfactory service can not provided. 

Mr.Kazuhide Nose, former chef of prestigious French "Che Matsuo"

They stick to compete in only gastronomy that is expressed in one dish, neglecting "Fooding" trend to enjoy the five senses, including coziness which lasted from around 2000. In addition, in direct opposition to maximize sales in serving hearty hospitality and manner like "Izakaya Koshien". And though the maximization of profits than sales is common thought, they hire the management to get sales aggressively increase the turnover rate, 2.5 rotation of the seats is the break-even point.

"Ore No Italian" Shimbashi, appearance.

For in spite that there are many chefs studying at the restaurant with Michelin stars, consumers no longer go to such high class restaurants because of the deflation and their independence and employment are difficult. Mr. Sakamoto make their salaries rise depending on performance and prepare their independence. At "Ore No Italian" and "Ore No French" many people are waiting before their opening time. They are fundamentally overturned the common sense of eating out in recent years, it is surprise and give the impression to the public.

"Ore No Italian" Shimbashi, inside

In addition, the president, Mr. Takashi Sakamoto is founder of "BOOK OFF" which caused the boom of used books. After his resignation in 2007 BOOK OFF Corporation as chairman, he entered food business at the age of 69 in 2009. His restaurant and used book business are tied to the old values ​​of craftsmanship and to create new business by price destruction is overwhelming, favorite business model of Mr. Sakamoto. His executive ability surfaces techniques break up a good thing even if it is not broken, and so strong criticism by some pros and cons are. He still push through with the breakthrough force. Senior high-value business experience, there is also a sense that seems to symbolize the powerful social conditions than the young.

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