By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on November 25

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I was allowed to speak at meetings of the Seiwakai. F&B management people of older stalwarts or even my generation have joined.

Mostly I make a speech toward young managers, and so there was not familial atmosphere. Other speakers talked success and failure stories with relax. Even when they talked failure stories, they made funny presentation. There was no excessive self-assertion that is common to young managers.

I talked about revitalization of 30 trillion yen F&B market, activities in Singapore and  current recession. In front of the owner deployed six outlets in Singapore. I was feeling chilly.

In the question-and-answer session, I was asked the age and answered frankly, but there was no reaction. They probably thought that I was in close generation. I had expected the reaction because I thought my looks should be younger. it was only me who thought I was young.

When asked what kind of business conditions and what is good for the baby boomers populous. I replied baby boomers would not be interested as long as the business conditions have not edge.. Although the large population, they have lived over 60 years, they have a variety of choices in the meantime. It was a generation that has been swirling oriented variety. They are different each other even if they look the same in appearance.

The only common is the era of childhood. As you build up your outlets, it is often referred to just hit outlets that target the same age as yourself. I do not think that is particularly true in terms close to the children still in their 20s. Increasingly, difference comes out in each of the years it takes. Deepened groove you do not understand.

Everyone think that I am different from the others. I am the same. But the others seem to be all the same. You do not work well to develop business categories on the basis of such an idea. Pitfall on business development planning. Well as age, whether you are on target toward any profile, I want you to take seriously.

Masaaki Yasuda, a marathon lover

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