By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on November 27

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Japan Food Service Association announces the F&B industry market trend as of October, 2012 as the accumulation of member companies. It is 2.1% decrease of sales in the whole, 1.8% increase of number of outlets, and ±0% of visitors, and 2.0% decrease of sales per customer. This October was two days on Saturday and Sunday less than that of previous year and the business confidence has deteriorated. Also tourists from China fell under the influence of the Senkaku Islands issue. It sounded particularly sales of some outlets in western Japan. The overall business confidence has deteriorated, and so promotional campaigns did not make effect as much as they might expect. Severe business condition is Izakaya,  5.7% sales decline because of fewer number of customers. Western fast food like Mcdonalds is also 3.2% sales decline. The strong, even in adversity, the 5.8% increase in Chinese family restaurant. 

Izakaya lost 5.7% sales.

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