By Masaaki Yasuda Reported on November 18 in Japan

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I've heard from people of foreign liquor manufacturers. Manufacturer to sell alcoholic beverages in the world, it seems there is a tendency to shift to invest money to the branding of the outlets handling instead of mass media advertising. Indeed, I think the time to see existing mass media such as television with the spread of the net as is decreasing.

Influence of SNS among consumers has more power than that of ads unilateral. Along with the comment that this is delicious, the photos have been flying around in the world of the Internet. Previously I thought only Japanese take pictures by mobile phone. However the situation has changed in the spread of the smartphone.

I have been frequently visiting Singapore, I had never seen Singaporean to take pictures of dishes in the past. Now young women are taking photos eagerly. Like Japan, they seem to post them on their own blog or Facebook.

Alcoholic beverage makers are always trying to launch outlets that are subjected to the branding that you might want to shoot, go there it spread by word of mouth through the SNS.

In addition, rather than negative content, such as that went wrong, the information covered in the SNS, but it is there are more positive content. Also the driving force behind such circumstances, liquor manufacturers are trying to put such power on the branding of outlets without regard to risk.

As I wrote on this random talk before, F&B want to take advantage of the SNS actively. Menus and surprise events that you might want to take a picture myself. There is a need for making menu that what affect not only in-store customers but also many customers on line.

Without your recognition customers take photos. It becomes to be very important in the field of day-to-day business. SNS spread its day-to-day business easily.

Age of customers to disseminate information has come. How do you capture mind of customers, people over the whole world are considering.

Woman taking photos cooking at Chisou Zanmai, Central.

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